We are sorry to announce our office is now closed.   

If you need your records, they are now available in person at Dawson Street Family Practice!  This is the repository of our records.

A few things to know!

1.  Dawson Street Family practice is located on Dawson Street downtown.  There wesbsite is  www.dawsonstreetfamily.com.  A great nurse practicioner, Kathyrn Davis, is there if you wish to establish with her.  Know this is NOT necessary to obtain your records 

2.  Your records will be available as long as you need them at Dawson Street Family practice.   There phone number is (910) 667-0471

         A)  Have your new provider fax  them at (910)667-0019.  They will need an authorization. 

         B ) Go in person to Dawson Street Family practice and talk to Audrey the office manager.  Due to HIPPA (privacy laws,)  you will need to show proper ID to obtain your records 

.   If this is the wrong fit for you, then you may call the hospital Vitaline which is a directory of local physicians at 910-815-5188.