We are sorry to announce we are CLOSING as of  February 15th, 2019!  

This has been a pleaure to serve everyone for 16 years, and we  are sad to go!   

A few things to know!

1.  We will miss you all greatly!  

2.  Your records will be available as long as you need them.   The best ways to get them are to: 

         A)  Have your new provider fax us at 910-762-2134  (this fax number will still work after the practice closing.) 

           B)  Come by and pick them up before the practice is closed.  After the practice is closed, we will not be there, nor will you records be in the physical buidling. 

3.    We don't have specific recommendations for where to get your care next.  But, you may call the hospital Vitaline which is a directory of local physicians at 910-815-5188.