We are sorry to announce our office is now closed.   

A few things to know!

1.  Your records are available in-person only with proper ID at Dawson Street Urgent Care and Family Practice.  The cost will be $20. 00 per record.  The records cannot be faxed or emailed if you call.  Please call, in advance, and give them time to prepare your records.  Please have $20.00 in cash or credit for your records.  Dr. Demas and Dawson St. Urgent Care and Family Practice are located at 608 Dawson St.  in downtown Wilmgington.    Pleae call  (910) 667-0471 to ask when a good time to come and get your records would be.   Of note, our office manager, Sean, has a obtain a new job, and is not behind the scenes/ nor has access to record anymore.  Any email listed here before as a means to obtain your records is no longer valid.  

2.  We are recommending Kathryn Davis, F.N.P at Dawson Street Family Practice.  Feel free to call them at (910) - 667-0471.

Kathryn Davis began her nursing career in 2010 at New Hanover Regional Medical Center, where she specialized in fields of pulmonology, oncology, hospice, medical/surgical and emergency medicine.   She completed her Masters of Science degree in 2015 from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington with magna cum laude distinction.  Website:  www.dawsonstreetfamily.com

.   If this is the wrong fit for you, then you may call the hospital Vitaline which is a directory of local physicians at 910-815-5188.